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Kartmela is an e-commerce platform for selling electronic products from Chili


Certifix Live Scan

Certifix is currently headquartered in the city of Anaheim, California. With our advanced fingerprinting system we are able to provide applicants with a seamless and convenient fingerprinting experience.


Capital Gains

CAPITAL GAIN$ - Challenge your friends!

Each player buys letters from LETTER BANK to form words. Highlighted area indicates which word should be formed. There will be a new LETTER BANK created for each word formed. Continue head to head until all highlighted words are formed. Word values are deposited into each players account. Top account wins!

Capital Gains

A-B Cargo Express

We are one of the leading providers of cargo exporting services to Nigeria, providing a complete service in the transportation of your goods, at extremely competitive prices.

Capital Gains

Hungry Scholar

Hungry scholar app is the world’s first deal engine—a real-time, online marketplace that connects you with local restaurants that are offering deals right now.

Hungry Scholar App

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